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Reindeer herder in his fur hat


Welcome to Reindeer Farm Petri Mattus

- join us in winter




My name is Petri Mattus and I am a Sámi reindeer herder just like my father used to be. I live with my family in in the village of Menesjärvi in municipality of Inari, Lapland of Finland.  I herd my free roaming reindeer on the lap of Hammastunturi wildesness area and next to Lemmenjoki National Park.


In winter I invite You to be my family´s guest for a little moment at our Reindeer Farm, which is also our home. Remember to book Your visit.

Reindeer herding is a job which goes from generation to an other. You have to grow into the herding and it must come from your heart. It is a job for me, but life style for my whole family.

The well-being of the reindeer and the herding work are most important for me, but some days during the winter season I have a possibility to invite You to join our reindeer programs. Some days I need to reserve for reindeer work only and then I am unable to have guests visiting us.

Please, make the reservation at least the previous day to be sure that we meet and we will be able to serve you the best way!



Reindeer in eating in snowy forest
What is a Reindeer Farm?


Reindeer farm is a home for my family, but it is also a base for my reindeer herding work. The reindeer live free in the nature all year round and most of my work is done in the road less wilderness -  I invite you to join me to the nature!



By the fire in the middle of reindeer Re
Visit to a
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Sámi culture
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